Don’t Kill your Charisma!

Kurt Mortensen, the author of “The Laws of Charisma” lists a number of things people do to drive others away from them. He writes, “These mistakes are silent charisma Charisma Orlando Espinosakillers. People are more comfortable lying to you and never dealing with you again instead of saying something that will alert you to the fact that you lack any form of charisma, These are seven of the most common charisma killers adapted from Mortensen’s list

1.Talking Too Much. How can you influence others if you are always talking?

2.Showing How Much You Know. You can come across as forceful, aggressive, and obnoxious.

3.Getting To Friendly Too Fast. Research tells us that the majority of people do not appreciate unsolicited small talk, and many find it offensive.

4.Getting Too Comfortable (Too Fast). Respect their things and they will respect you.

5.Proxemics. You must respect personal space, or you will make others feel uncomfortable.

6.Being One-Sided With Your Facts. There are facts and there is the truth. Are you genuine and transparent?

7.Arguing or Trying to Prove You Are Right. Having to be right demonstrates an arrogance that is masking insecurity.

Are you guilty of killing your own Charisma and driving people away from you?

What are you willing to change?

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