Be An Inspiration

Happy people have the capacity to inspire those they meet! Be an inspiration to others.Be an Inspiration Orlando Espinosa

13 thoughts on “Be An Inspiration

  1. If a person is not inspired then they have no passion. Without passion the body and brain have no purpose and without these things being present in your life, then you have no life in you. So, stand up, get off of your brain and move, before you find that you can’t.

  2. Orlando, you are hereby invited to follow all of my good examples. Not the bad ones, and don’t ever try any of my newer words, but I was once a good person, and you can follow that one. These days it just seems to be let it all hang out!

    • Thank you Angie! Once? You are still an good person with an amazing personality to boot. I shall follow in your footsteps! Have a great Labor Day!! Orlando

      • What size shoes do you wear? I have big feet now because I’m always going barefoot. You can take the girl out of the country– well, you know the rest of that one. It’s been a busy day and I haven’t accomplished anything at all, including getting this ******machine to keep on working. I think there’s a missing driver, and with my kind of luck with these things, I probably erased it in an effort to free up more space. Obviously not the hard drive again though. One time per lifetime is more than enough for that little mistake! Sure gave me a lot of free space though.

      • I’m a size 10 and I too have a country side to myself! LOL Barefoot is a good thing! I have days when I don’t want to do anything. All I want to do is vegetate. 🙂

      • Hate to tell you this, but my Mom had larger feet– size 11. I noticed a few days ago that I have dropped so many things on my right foot that the toes on that one have straightened out, probably due to breaking them after the heavy cans hit one afternoon. I think I’ll start targeting my left foot now and see if I can straighten out the toes on that one. Maybe then I can get my feet into shoes again. Never hurts to try and it just might be a way to fix hammer toes.

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