Feel Important

It doesn’t matter how hectic your life is or how busy you may be, you should always take the time to make your family and friends feel important!feel-important-orlando-espinosa

10 thoughts on “Feel Important

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  2. Gee, Orlando. I’m older than dirt! Shouldn’t they be making ME feel important? After all, I changed most of the diapers in the pre-disosable days! And rinsing them out for reuse —? PEE-UUU!

      • Thank you Orlando but to be honest at times although I have appreciated what you shared I have just added a Like but be assured I don’t add Likes unless I do LIKE what is shared, with some Bloggers it may not be all of their message so I put a Like for the good points they share and than will seek to correct with Scripture what is in error if needed.

        Most of what you share Orlando is very good and also short and to the Point and yes I appreciate this but I also value those who share in detail as I often do, I believe there is a place for both.

        God Bless you as He keeps you in His Care – Anne.

      • I totally agree Anne! I don’t say much, but I value what others have to say even if it may be more in-depth. I keep it simple for myself. πŸ™‚ Thank you for being you and everything you have to offer! πŸ™‚

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