You Can Win

Winning takes a simple attitude to try again and again, even when others say you can’t win! Remind yourself you can win!

8 thoughts on “You Can Win

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  2. Hi Orlando! Ya know, every morning I wake up means I just won another day, or part of a day, minute, second, nanosecond longer. At least I’m still putting it in the win column. depends a lot on the weather lately. Oh, what the heck! It’s a win!

      • Maybe you are the one who can explain why you continue living in a hurricane area, Orlando. We have tornadoes here, but not so many that we have to evacuate, but there are just so many places that are destroyed, yet folks just go back and pick up the pieces and go on. I’m always doing that for other reasons than the weather, but if I got flooded out several times each spring I would definitely move to higher ground. This from the lady who knows about a dozen ways to get to the farm, because the road was always flooded in springtime.

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