New Opportunities Daily

Every morning provides new opportunities! Never lose hope!

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  2. Would you believe in the flash it took to get to the comment window I totally forgot what the subject is? BRB. Okay, opportunity! Seize the moment and you will get more opportunity than you can imagine. Have a good weekend, Orlando.

      • My daughter’s flu turned out to be her gall bladder. It was removed Friday and she is now recovering from her “flu”. I’ve heard this year too many people have been mis-diagnosed by false negatives. Crazy!

      • Yes! My parent’s neighbor’s shortness of breath wasn’t his Asthma, but also his gallbladder. He is 89 and his ruptured. They operated today!

      • Is he doing okay? Gina’s was inflamed and they had to make a slightly longer incision, but she is home now and doing well. I had the silly thing done in 1991, laser, and was shopping at the grocery the next day. This was also after several months of “flu”, so it happens all the time around here. I had to do it my own way though, only one stone, but according to the doc, “it was a doozy”! He then apologized for being unable to give me the tape they made of the surgery because the tape broke. I wasn’t all that unhappy that it broke, but it’s embarrassing to admit that I broke a camera, or a tape, whichever way you want to take it!

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