The Journey!

Defining what we value begins by recognizing who we value. As a former educator I always tried to lead with passion. I wanted to establish my sincerity as I helped shape my existence and the existence of my former students. I wanted to make sure my passion and commitment caused those around me to revel in it and inspire them to tap into their own passion. Passion is a choice! I tried to lead with passion, honesty and commitment, so others would not only follow, but follow the students I was mentoring. After months of sharing ideas, emails and phone calls, our journey has brought us full circle.  We are writing our collaborative story.

The passion, excitement and comradery between all of us, is front and center. As we continue to write, we realized; success is our journey, not our final destination.  We’ve already been rewarded being part of each other’s journey! Our journey is measured in the friends we have, rather than the miles we travel! Our commitment to excellence and each other is prevalent. Even after so many years, nothing has changed! We continue moving forward!

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11 thoughts on “The Journey!

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  2. Great words and a great outlook, Orlando. I’d only correct the use of the word “former” to apply to any educator. While we may cease in our “formal” role as a paid educator, those that are educators seldom stop being educators … and I think your words and work here are testament to the fact that your passion to teach and share lives on in spades. A great story and life indeed.

    • Thank you Dale for the reminder! I tend to forget sometimes that although I’m not in the profession anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m still not educating others!! Have a great weekend! Thank for the compliments as well! Orlando

  3. success is our journey, not our final destination. ….very true.I feel that being an educator we can be away from our professional but not from our passion…passion to spread knowledge., happiness and harmony among our fellow beings and around the world….

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