About Me!

I signed up to have an amazing life, regardless of the obstacles I may face! Iโ€™m reminded daily that: My goals are vast. My dreams are endless. My passion to succeed is always front and center. Having a positive attitude is the key and moving forward is essential! Life is an amazing journey, too often taken for granted! It’s great being able to enjoy the simple things it offers! It feels great to be alive with a purpose! Orlando Espinosa


175 thoughts on “About Me!

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  3. Hey Orlando!!! Thank you for stopping by and liking my work. Belated Happy Friendships day. Nice to meet you. Your journey is really wonderful and inspiring. The Salliemae program sounds really awesome. Would to follow your inspirational journey. See you soon. Have a good day…:)

  4. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I’ve been reading yours and I’m really enjoying the positive thoughts and inspiration! I’m looking forward to reading much more! All the best, Linda. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have always embraced the words, ‘keep it simple,’ since the first time I began to write! My heart was moved by the word of God, his word spoke ‘simply given, simply received,’ as his words were given to many who were considered uneducated as they were the ones who faith turned out to be the greatest, they heard and simply believed! Your blog is simply beautiful my friend thanks for following mine! God bless!

    • We tend to over complicate life by over thinking everything! Keeping it simple has always worked for me! I’m glad you listened and you continue to share what you’ve learned! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your inspiring words!! Be blessed as well Wendell! Orlando

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I’m glad to know you find the blog inspiring. There are some amazing photos you’ve shared on your blog! Keep sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Orlando. Thank you so much for follow on my blog and taking out time to visit it. Your blog looks lovely and very very lively, the pictures and colors pulls you and for the same reason I will be coming back to read more often.


  7. Hi Orlando – Thanks for stopping by my blog and now I have taken a short look at yours and like what I see. I look forward to reading more of your post. Thanks, Bill

  8. Hi, Orlando –
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Here you’ll find more than 3500 pictures from Norway and Norwegian nature, mostly in ‘full screen mode’, and new pictures will be posted on a regular basis. Please enjoy!
    And if you think this is a very good collection, please tell your friends about it! Especially if you know somebody with a Norwegian heritage?!

    • Thank you for sharing! Norway is a beautiful country and your pictures confirm it! I’ve been there when I’ve traveled to Sweden! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  9. Hello Orlando! Thanks so much for your visit & like of Before Sundown! Glad you stopped by. I’m intrigued by your blog theme & will follow. We all need a positive attitude. Look foward to reading more of your thoughts. Christine

  10. Yes, The life it is wonderful if we learn to be happy.
    Happiness does not is given to us, it is constructed by us and What we have achieved dreams the everyday.
    I am pleased that I have read lines written by you.

    Da, Viaศ›a este minunatฤƒ dacฤƒ vom รฎnvฤƒศ›a sฤƒ fim fericiศ›i.
    Fericirea nu ne este datฤƒ, ea este construitฤƒ de noi prin vis ศ™i prin realizฤƒrile noastre de zi cu zi.
    Sunt รฎncรขntat cฤƒ am citit rรขndurile scrise de tine.

  11. Hi Orlando, I’m so very happy to have found your blog. Finding it totally inspirational in all its fun and simplicity. Words that I can relate to, thanks so much and warmest wishes from Australia.

  12. I love this! My dreams are endless too! what an awesome ‘about’ this is to read!! Thank you for taking the time to write it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. HI Orlando! Thank you so much for dropping by and having a look at my photography – it is great to have new visitors and I look forward to seeing you again at Things Understood! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jacqueline

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