Your Purpose!

Define your purpose. Define who you are. What drives you? What motivates you? Who motivates you? Why do you exist and what is your purpose in life? Share your thoughts, ideas and passion!!!


9 thoughts on “Your Purpose!

  1. My purpose is to live a life that is dedicated to the people I care for and to make sure they accomplish the goals they seek to achieve.

  2. The reason you find me on your blog today is because I was googling some images to use on my private life’s vision board (or more like vision PPT). I typed in several search keys, and I ended up selecting two of your inspiring images. They are my favorite images. Thank you!

  3. My purpose is to live the best life I can, so that I can be the best woman, mother, wife and friend that I can be to those I love. To make the most of every moment as we never know what lies ahead. Thank you so much for a wonderful blog, I’ve only just found you but already I’m finding it inspirational. I look forward to having you on my journey.

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