Do You Talk Out Loud?

Orlando Espinosa Answering-yourself-when-you-talk-to-yourselfI tend to say things out loud because I’m constantly thinking. It’s often random stuff that runs through my brain, but I do this when I’m looking for solutions. This happens while I’m driving or at home working. I even do this when I’m writing or reading to remember specifics items. This never happens while people are around, but if it does and if anyone asks I just say I’m thinking out loud? The only time I talk out loud purposely is while I’m being sarcastic, (which is 99% of the time.) An example of this is when you hold the door open for someone and instead of being courteous and saying thank you, they breeze thru thinking you’re their personal doorman. “You’re welcome! It was an honor”, “You don’t have to thank me, your attitude of entitlement says it all.” Although my writing on this topic was to focus on the value that “talking out loud” has in helping me sort things out and put things in perspective, I couldn’t resist sharing a common occurrence many of us may share. Everyone speaks out loud, but for different reasons.

please don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself orlando espinosa

I read this great book by Bill Wayne – The Power of Talking Out Loud to Yourself: An Innovative Approach to Positive Self-Talk” that explains the value of “talking out loud” and the focus in can provide you.

“When you talk out loud to yourself, you cause yourself to focus intently on the challenge, situation, or circumstance. This activity increases the likelihood of obtaining a desirable solution more quickly. It is easy to daydream non productively for an hour or two, but it only wastes time and doesn’t give you the results you’d like to have. It is incredibly powerful hearing your own voice emotionally proclaiming what you intend and expect to accomplish. Talking out loud to yourself can go a long way in helping you move on.” —Bill Wayne

Having an occasional conversation with yourself, may provide you with a better sounding board then asking someone who may offer bad advice….. No one knows you better than yourself! What are you waiting for? Start taking!!

Orlando Espinosa The Power of Talking Out Loud to Yourself An Innovative Approach to Positive SelfTalk

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