We live in a crowded and busy world where everyone is seeking attention.  You need to be different! You need to stand out because if you’re the same you run the risk of being overlooked. Although people say that imitation is the simplest form of flattery, I believe that being an original will provide a bigger platform. When you dare to be an original you are in essence daring to be “yourself” and everything that encompasses who you really are. Too many it can be a scary and daunting proposition.

But why is that?

Because it means subjecting ourselves to being judged, scrutinized and maybe even ridiculed. It also means we expose our vulnerability. It takes courage and self-confidence to be an original, but in doing so we reveal our uniqueness and show that we are one of a kind.

Dare to be different!

dare_to_be_different orlando espinosa

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  1. Love your post! I admire what you have wrote because I believe in what you wrote. I know that everyone is different, we all have different gifts, we all look different,this is what makes us who we are. For years I felt insecure and nervous about who I was and what I presented to the world, and I still sometimes feel that,but as I am growing older I am learning a lot more about life. We all are vulnerable and insecure to a certain point. I love loving in a world that is full of different peope, new colors, patterns, just generally things I do not see all the time, as they all really inspire me and make me learn. Those that love themselves and can accept others have kind hearts and good souls.

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