True happiness is not a far off dream or an unattainable goal.

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All it takes is a positive outlook, and a conscious choice that you too will be among the ranks of happy people all over the world!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to spread a little happiness to others.

Happy people are intoxicating, infectious and are infinitely more lovely to be around than unhappy people. We have all met “those people”. You can’t miss them! You’ll find them walking around with an ear-to-ear smile and an inner joy that cannot be touched.

Their happiness can infect others with just a look! Next thing you know you’ll find yourself with a similar smile and the desire to share happiness with someone else.

Pride yourself as a spreader of happiness all the world over. Be in the business of creating happy people every day! After all, happy people only help you go out and spread even more happiness!

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