Piss off…

If you’re a “people pleaser,” there’s always someone who’s going to take advantage of your willingness to help. There’s nothing wrong with being kind and helping others, but there is something wrong when you’re taken advantage of. If you want more out of life then stop being a martyr to selfish people and focus on associating yourself with people who value you and the talents you have to offer. Piss off a few people! They will get the message!

piss off orlando espinosa

6 thoughts on “Piss off…

  1. excertps from my boss blog…

    in a conversation with some people i was asked why help people even if you know that they are misusing your trust in them… well i pray but i commit many sins and again i stand in front of the Almighty seeking his forgiveness and his intervention and help!!
    So who am i to judge and turn down people when they seek my assistance? for maybe it is the Almighty who has made them approach me and who maybe testing me too!!!
    Compassion and Humanity.. these are qualities which in the end bind people!!!!

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