Lead Because You Can

A successful leader exhibits many characteristics and traits that cause others to follow them. Why? Because they see something in them that merits their loyalty and dedication. Here are a few thoughts on what I believe are key to being a successful leader.

  • Lead because you want to

  • Lead with compassion and truth

  • Deliver a message that inspires and motivates

  • Live by the code others will emulate

  • Provide a vision for the future. Offer hope

  • Provide those you lead a chance to shine

  • Make other people feel important and appreciated

  • Live a life of integrity. Not only by words, but by your actions as well

  • Set the standards others are willing to follow

  • Cultivate the talents of those you lead

  • Continuously learn and educate others

  • Create an environment of constant development

  • Set the pace through your expectations and example

  • Provide opportunities for people to grow, both personally and professionally

  • Everyone has potential. Look beyond their short comings

Remember! Just because you have a title doesn’t make you a leader

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