The Secret to Life

Don’t take life so seriously!

Choose your friends wisely.

Don’t burn bridges.

Keep a journal/diary.

Love is all there is.

Think positive thoughts.

Read books.

Get in the sun.

Stand in the rain.

Help others.

Be honest at all times.

Sleep less.

Memorize something every day.

Remember people’s names


Learn another language.

Learn to focus only on the present.

Even more specifically, live in THIS moment.

Smile more often.

Figure out what your goals and dreams are.

Start your day off right.


Learn to be unaffected by the words of others.

Develop the ability to forgive.

Be the person that makes others feel special.


Work on making good first impressions.

Be mysterious.

Keep your brain sharp.

Do what you love.

Just Enjoy it!

the secret to life is-orlando espinosa

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