Choose to React

Feeling outraged about the injustices you are facing, won’t change the fact that things are often random and beyond your control. Complaining about them won’t change the situation either. The only control you have is how you choose to react to the situation you are facing. Life may not be fair and at times it can be daunting, but choosing to react in a negative manner can have a spiral effective of negativity. You may not like what you are going through, but if you maintain a level of focus and move forward with it, you will gather a level of understanding, not only of the situation but of yourself. Choose a reaction that aligns with the way you’d like the situation to be.choose a reaction-orlando espinosa

5 thoughts on “Choose to React

  1. Orlando

    Great blog! I visit here often and everytime I leave inspired! Glad to know there are people out there who are willing to encourage others!


  2. I try not to react in a negative way. I always know there will be consequences if I do. Thank you for reminding me! Sara

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