Life Lessons

I’m always striving to learn something new each day and life still has so much to teach me.

I’ve learned that life is short and with each passing day it gets shorter!
Appreciate and love the people in your life! When you want to tell them you love them, they won’t be around.

I’ve learned that my gut is always right!
Whenever I’ve gone against my gut feeling its been a disaster! Trust your instincts!

I’ve learned that friends come and go!
I’ve met many people in my life and I have made many friends. As I continue to grow as an individual my tolerance for foolishness has diminished!

I’ve learned that being happy is a conscientious decision!
Blaming others for our unhappiness is not an option! In order to be happy, you need to think happy! I make a daily decision to be happy!

I’ve learned that death is one of the hardest experiences to overcome!
Saying goodbye to a loved one is not easy, no matter their age!

I’ve learned that my family is vital to my success!
Family is life’s greatest blessing! I’ve been fortunate enough to know the importance of my family and how they enhance my life! 

I’ve learned I have to be myself and can’t compare myself to others!
I was born an original and I won’t die a copy!

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