The Best Leaders

Many people claim to be a leader, but lets face it – the best leaders are the ones who grab our attention and pique our imagination. They also have a way of keeping us captivated, motivated and inspired. It’s these types of leaders with whom we want to engage with and it’s these types of leaders who inspire us to be better and do better. What characteristics do you look for in a leader and are you willing to follow someone just because you’ve never come in contact with one of the best?

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9 thoughts on “The Best Leaders

  1. Orlando, I totally agree with this. The best leaders inspire others to be the best versions of themselves they can be. They are not perfect, they admit their faults and weaknesses, but work toward progress. Thank you for sharing this. I found it very motivational today.

    • Erik, your input and insight are on target! Few leaders want to show their vulnerability because they believe it’s a sign of weakness. I follow your blog because you’re willing to be vulnerable in your writing! You inspire and motivate me. You have acquired a fan and I anxiously await your big screen debut! I celebrate you and your talents my friend! Orlando

  2. Great post Orlando! As leaders we must be willing to give of ourselves to others! It can’t only be a take situation! My goal is to motivate and empower others to achieve great things! Craig E. Hazel

    • Keep giving of yourself Craig and others will be willing to follow! Stay on your current path! Here’s to you and your future success! Orlando

  3. Thank you Orlando for sharing! You always had a gift to inspire us to achieve bigger and better! You are an inspiration and I’m glad you were willing to lead us! Rose

  4. Orlando, Thank you for giving of yourself to me and to so many other students. You have and always will be an inspiration to others! I am so honored to still have you in my life! I am the person I am today because of your leadership! Thank you for your willingness to motivate and inspire! Stephanie

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