Just Tell Me

Most people want advice, but they only want the advice they are willing to hear! The way advice works for most people is that they want it, but only if it agrees with what they want to do anyway!

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12 thoughts on “Just Tell Me

  1. This is true and I realize this because I do it too sometimes. When we are ready will hear all the words of wisdom. When we are not ready will only listen to what we thought we’ve heard. Thanks for sharing I will be more compassionate.

    • I think we are all guilty of this. Sometimes great advice falls on deaf ears not because they may not want it, but because they may not be ready for it! Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share!!!

  2. Your welcome Orlando. I’ve learned when you are honest with yourself life becomes less of a burden. It seems gratitude is always on my mind. Giving and Receiving is the key to prosperity and abundance. Cheers!

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