Ha Ha

Anyone who has the ability to make others laugh can consider that a great contribution to society!ha ha orlando espinosa

10 thoughts on “Ha Ha

  1. Laughter is a gift from God, the same as all our emotions are, how we us them is important though, some humor is not good, when we laugh we lower our reserves and can accept what we shouldn’t, I like to laugh at myself and often reflect on my own weaknesses such as with driving a car and Sport.

    But I don’t appreciate others being put down or belittled humor but yes some humor is way over the top so is OK and does not cause harm but some does.

    Christian Love – Anne

    • Hi Anne, Being able to laugh is such a great ability, especially when you are able to laugh at yourself. I tend to laugh at myself quite often!:-) Glad to know you are able to do the same Anne! Happy New Year!!!

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