Paint a Masterpiece

We all have a masterpiece that longs to be created! Today is the time to create the life you want! Use this moment to paint a masterpiece on your canvas of life!Paint a Masterpiece-orlando espinosa

8 thoughts on “Paint a Masterpiece

  1. Love it! Totally true. We create our own reality with our feelings. The attitude we paint on the canvas brings out what we have created with our feelings. I love Mickey with is attitude ready to take on a magical experience with is brush or I could say ‘magic wand’ Thank you Orlando for sharing this artwork. I am ready to paint a new masterpiece for 2015! Blessings Diane

  2. Your welcome! I am so fascinated how you come up with your illustration. The phrases are just perfect with what you are presenting. Fantastic! We are both on a new journey. I am a busy bee and January is not finish yet. Blessings Diane

    • Diane, I have an overactive imagination, I can see an image or hear a word and come up with a phrase or statement quickly! I started writing to gather my thoughts and now it’s become a source of creativity! I see the world through my own creative window and want others to view the world through their own creative window as well!! 🙂 Orlando

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