Just Be Still

Don’t get too antsy trying to make things happen, sometimes the process requires you to just be still! be-still orlando espinosa

21 thoughts on “Just Be Still

  1. That’s very true! When nothing moves, despite all our efforts, its an indication that the Cosmos want you to slow down, stay still, savour the break and move on – that’s the ‘stand-at-ease’ moment through which one needs to pass to reach the other end of progress and achievement. Thanks for the Still post!

      • I am so happy for everyone who lets go of resistance. The emotions that wants you to hate yourself of not moving forward. Like you said ‘be still’ ‘be calm’ ‘be inspired’ … and things will happen effortlessly. And so it is. This weekend is so awesome I am drawing again and being inspired for my upcoming children book. Cheers on Spring Equinox! Be Love Be Peace 😉

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