Take Risk

Take Risk! Be Bold! Be Daring! Do something you haven’t done before!take risk be-bold-be-daring-orlando espinosa

10 thoughts on “Take Risk

  1. Take Risk! Be Bold! Be Daring! Do something you havenโ€™t done before!

    OK Orlando I will, I will tell you what I think about your One Liners….. Their Great and good food for thought but sometimes we also need meat so that we have the right focus when we ponder on them and that is what I do, yes opposites attract and so does God’s Truth in it’s various forms, your short and to the point, I’m long and have detail.

    Blessings and Thank you – Anne.

    • Thank you for your boldness and your candor Anne! Not everyone is a meat eater and my one liners are provided as food for thought! I don’t provide a whole meal nor do I offer a buffet. I fully understand others may be looking for a hearty meal and your blog provides for those who require more food to satisfy their hunger! Let’s not forget those who are on a diet and aren’t willing to neither nibble on my blog or eat at yours. Hopefully we can get them to eat something before they fade away because of their unwillingness to digest some truth? Your post made me smile!! Have a great weekend!! Orlando

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