A Father’s Sacrifice

I’m grateful for a father who was willing to face the uncertainties of life in a new country, where the language and the culture were foreign to him to ensure his family lived in freedom. His focus was to provide his wife and kids an opportunity where we could achieve everything he wasn’t allowed to achieve in his native land of Cuba! His sacrifice and love for his children has afforded us blessings we would otherwise never experience. This is the man who taught us the importance of family, traditions and unity! His wife, children and grandchildren mean the world to him! I am honored to know the man I call my dad! Happy Father’s Day Orlando Manuel Espinosa (“Pipo” Pipa” “Papo”!) The Espinosa Clan is blessed beyond measure to have you as our roll model! We are the family we are because of who you are! We love you!orlando espinosa manuel pipo fathers day!

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