Set the Standards

Set the standards others are willing to follow! set the standards-orlando espinosa

2 thoughts on “Set the Standards

  1. Orlando, I have been working on that for some time with my kids and I can’t tell you how they’ve done my head in. I am currently teaching my daughter to play the piano to assist with her audition for the sound of Music. She is only 9 and going for the part of 7 year old Marta. I have been teaching her to play the songs on the piano this week so the tunes really get ingrained to her brain, ears to give her the best shot. It’s a big effort to get to the audition and she should at least be prepared. However, it took a few days of practice to make the connection and she wasn’t an easy pupil in the meantime. I am writing a few posts about it on my bloga nd the first one starts here:
    xx Rowena

    • Any teacher knows how some pupils can get, especially with your own children 🙂 Looking forward to reading the post. Did your daughter have her audition already?

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