Sit and Wait

If you want a life that’s filled with love, happiness, peace and freedom, you can’t sit down and expect all those things to fall on your lap.  You need to get up and start living the life you want. Too many people sit around and wait on others to help them figure out how to be happy, instead of finding happiness on their own. You need to infuse your life with action and don’t wait for it to happen.

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4 thoughts on “Sit and Wait

  1. Of course if we did just sit or stand and do nothing that would be the end result too or worse, anything worthwhile needs effort and our participation even in our relationship with God, He does not want it to be one sided or does He want Puppets, He has given us free will and if we are wise we will do what He asks, we are to Seek, Ask and Knock, sounds very active to me what about you Orlando?

    Blessings – Anne

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