You Get

You get what you work for, not what you believe you’re entitled to!you get orlando espinosa

9 thoughts on “You Get

  1. But I’m so special, I should get what I’m entitled to. Besides, I’m retired now and our Congress took everything I worked for to give themselves big raises, so everything I worked for was stolen by the idiots who work at lining their pockets at my expense. I vote for Mickey Mouse in an effort to get them out of their posh jobs, but the rest of the country keeps them there. That way they keep on stealing my money.

      • I totally agree Orlando. If I hadn’t been forced into disability by MS, I would still be working, because this retirement thing is for the birds.

      • I love to work and to stay busy!! It’s unfortunate when mentally you are still active, but your body starts changing. I have a friend with MS who I got involved doing workshops focused on educating entrepreneurs and business owners. She loves it. It’s provided her with a new lease on life!! We just need to feel valued and continue making contributions in the lives of others and that’s how she feels. She matters. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I stayed involved until recently when I was flattened by paralysis, cancer and a few other problems. Now I can only add my wit and cheer others on from the sidelines, but they say that helps also. I sure hope it does because just sitting back doing almost nothing just isn’t my idea of living. At least my brain still works 5% of the time, :-), and I can do a few things again with the help of therapy. Sense of humor is returning, muted at times, but —-

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