Daily Habit

Make it a daily habit to wake up with a purpose!daily habit wake up with purpose orlando espinosa


12 thoughts on “Daily Habit

  1. I find correct your suggestion, and I propose you a further moment of reflection. In which anonymous place are now the proposals of the past years? How many of us have proposed without any response, how many of us are measured with the indifference of those who did not deserve our esteem. Have a fruitful day, Orlando! W.

  2. Thanks to you Orlando! Always it follows after sowing the harvest, but where I come from we only sow. The production companies and local administrators are not able to plan and to support new projects, except those that enrich their own pockets. Who decides often does not have the culture of beauty, nor a collective vision. The numbers speak for themselves. It is preferred to finance dubious theatrical operas, meaningless art exhibitions and small concerts. It is preferred not to risk. If you have a sponsor behind, you can realize your idea, otherwise you can also give it up! It’s the unvarnished truth!

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