Making Others Smile

We’re all capable of making others smile, but we must take the initiative and smile first!making-others-smile-orlando-espinosa

4 thoughts on “Making Others Smile

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  2. Yes if I feel happy Orlando I smile and I do so often but I don’t pretend to be Happy if I’m not, I don’t wear a Mask, Jesus didn’t when He was sad, He was real and so am I now but it was not not always that way.

    I was known as Happy Annie, quick with the jokes, first to be invited to Parties, always Happy but later I would go home and cry and a few times I even wanted to die, than I found my Friend Jesus again, yes He was always there but I was blinded by the things in this World that I thought were important and I had also believed the lie that God was made up and I came from an Ape, today I know the Truth and yes I smile with Joy, I hope I made you smile too Orlando.

    Blessings – Anne.

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