Once You Figure Out

Once you figure out what you need, who you need and what you can do without, enjoying life becomes so much easier! 

18 thoughts on “Once You Figure Out

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    • Yes! I finally figured out where I left my baseball cap after a few days. It was hanging on the edge of a mirror I look into everyday! 🙂 Tough Lesson! Getting old!

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    I like the quotes from this man, they are what I call realistic quotes instead of some others that are very beautiful but not so much realistic things one can apply to his or her own life.

    • Charly! Thank you for the compliment and the vote of confidence. You should hear the voices in my head and all the things I don’t write. I save those for the face to face conversations I have!

      • And that should be interesting……or a bit scary to tell you the truth if you hear voices in your head…na, I just like the realistic quotes not all those that if you read them they sound great but they are not practical.

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