A Leader Who Leads

Be a leader who is guiding and empowering, instead of criticizing and belittling!

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    • It’s part of your DNA Miriam.:-) You walked in competent and capable and intimidated them without even trying! I am guilty of doing the same thing. When you have integrity and strive to do the right thing, it scares people and they don’t know how to react. Just sit back and watch them get flustered and not know how to act around you!. You can’t do anything different. Someone once asked me to dumb in down in order to make the leader of an organization feel better about themselves. Go figure! LOL

      • I don’t think I’ve intimidated anyone Orlando and nor would I ever want to. Unfortunately I’ve waked into a scenario where my manager expects the world whilst she gives very little. I’ve always considered myself competent but she is making me feel inferior and incapable. Let’s just say this is proving to be a huge challenge for me.

      • You don’t try to intimidate anyone, but anyone who is competent and capable does. Your work ethic and integrity doesn’t allow you to do subpar work and this forces people to see how inept they are. This is one of the reasons why I say, “Just because you have a title, doesn’t mean you have the capacity to do the job!” She’s also scared that you might take her job, which is causing her to put you down to elevate herself. Typical insecurities in some people. Chin up and keep being you and doing the amazing you do. She’ll soon realize you don’t want her job and you do excellent work because it’s part of your DNA! 😁😁😁😁😁

      • What a lovely thing to say Orlando. One thing is true, I will keep being me and giving it my all. It’s all any of us can do isn’t it? Thank you my very kind friend. 😊

      • Yes! Give it your all! In the end, she’ll either come to the realization that you’re that good or that she needs to bring it up a notch. She’s testing the waters right now to figure out if you are coming after her job. Typical with leaders who rely on their titles to give them a sense of importance! Have a great weekend Miriam! 😁

    • Welcome to the club. I hate conflict and avoid it as well, but when it needs to be addressed I do it. Whoever says you’re not a leader may be envious of your talents and leadership qualities. Leaders aren’t boastful nor do they seek the spotlight. They also don’t tear other leaders apart. They nurture and build them up. We all have a different style. Thank you for your honesty Lucas! Orlando

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