Lead With Passion

Make sure you lead with passion and not with arrogance when dealing with others.

10 thoughts on “Lead With Passion

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      • Thanks Ash! I write to get these random thoughts out of my mind and to be able to move forward and create! These words are daily reminders to myself! You should write more often Ash. Your post are genuine and passionate! I actually used one of your lines the other day on a friend. “If excuse were an option, what would you plea?” They didn’t want to admit the truth. It was a Mic drop moment! They remained silent, so they wouldn’t incriminate themselves! 😂 I remembered the line and I used it! Lol

      • Awesome Orlando, that means a lot knowing that some of the things that I have created Inspire other people in some way shape or form. To think you used one of my lines in your everyday life only drives me to continue to keep writing. It’s comments and feedback like yours that inspire me to keep at it so thanks a lot Orlando for all your kind words…and the mic drop moment.. Classic LoL

      • It’s funny how our minds work! I don’t post comments too often on other people’s blogs because I talk myself out of it! “They aren’t interested in my thoughts.” Yet when someone takes the time to share their thoughts on one of my post, they have my undivided attention! They have a friend for life! Go figure! BTW the mic drop was actually a spoon drop! Lol

      • lol…I think creativity is communal sometimes, support from others is what drives the process so you have certainly gained my attention as you have always supported my work and I’m a fan of yours.

      • You are sooooo right! Give me a group of creative minds and sit back and watch us create! Sometimes my wit and sarcasm scares me, but I use it to help others create. I work with Entrepreneurs and small business owners and Lord knows I need to be ready for anything! 😜 You have my attention as well Ash! Thank you! Orlando

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