Tell The Truth

We are all looking for people to tell the truth without a hidden agenda! It takes strength and courage to tell the truth.

8 thoughts on “Tell The Truth

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  2. Bull.. Orlando..
    it doesn’t take anything to tell the truth..

    It’s actually takes courage and strength to actually lie….

    Because 🤥 lying.. is the biggest burden there is.. the fear.. the deceit.. ect ect..

    • Sorry to disagree with you Maxine, but lying is embedded in our nature and it comes easy. It would be great for people to tell the truth, but our society is built on a continuous lie. People lie about how perfect their lives are on social media. People lie when you ask them how they are doing and they answer “fine,” because they know people don’t care. Noone is really interested in hearing anyone’s problems. You’re not being courageous and strong when you lie. It takes courage and strength to be candid and honest. And people who say “I’m keeping it real” and speak the truth when they are being mean and rude is not the truth I’m referring to either. I’m talking about people being genuine and real without having a hidden agenda. Thanks for sharing Maxine! 🙂

      • I understand you’re interpretation and the difference between lying and keep things from people Maxine. Nobody needs to know every intricate part of my life or my past and not sharing it is not lying. Sometimes it causes more harm and it’s not necessary. That’s not the truth I’m referring to, I’m referring to people who say one thing and their actions say something else. People who are one thing in front of you and something else behind your back. I like people who are candid and honest. Just like you’ve been honest with your comments! 🙂 Thank you Maxine!

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