Greater the Reward

The greater the difficulties, the greater the reward. Donโ€™t ever give up!

8 thoughts on “Greater the Reward

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  2. Give up? I don’t know the meaning of that phrase, Orlando. Way too much to see and do, mountains to climb, rivers to cross. Who could ever give up?

      • How about not giving up, but reverting to smoke signals, Orlando? I’m ready to toss all electronic equipment out the window and go back to pen and paper and the old fashioned typewriter. The only problem I face there is trying to open a window that had been glued shut by time and bird droppings. And I don’t wash the outside of my windows. I live on the 16th floor and my arms just don’t stretch that far. Smile!

      • Yes! This technology is over rated! I say we simplify life and go back to basics! I’m in total agreement with you! That window is never going to open. Bird droppings is much stronger than crazy glue!!! LOL

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