Be Known For

If you’re going to be known for something, be known for your character, your kindness, your integrity and your compassion.

14 thoughts on “Be Known For

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  2. Oh, shucky dern Orlando, I wanted to be known for my ethereal beauty that is so outstanding it puts even the best of flowers to shame. It’s just too bad I don’t possess that. I guess I’ll have to count on the kindness, integrity and compassion — especially compassion which I seem to have an overdose of. Makes up for the lack of outer beauty, I suppose. Good thing I’m old and don’t really care, huh?

    • Beauty comes from within! I know plenty of beautiful people who are so ugly on the inside they would scare a bus! LOL! Old is nothing but a number. We will all get there eventually! 🙂

      • Everyone should be so lucky to grow old, my friend. Too many lives are cut short in this day and age that I wonder what is going on. I really don’t want that particular answer though. As far as beauty goes, I know. A world of handsome men that are so twisted inside only a mother could love them, and even then it would be difficult. Have a lovely weekend, Orlando.

      • I have never grown up and absolutely refuse to do such a horrible deed Orlando. Just call me Penelope Pan for lack of a better feminine version of Peter. I happen to be in my 47thnchildhood now and planning on more in the future, although some of them last months rather than years.. Now that I am closing in on the quarter century century mark I can get away with so much more that I can have add more and more each year to suit each whim. Adding new ones heips keep them straight. Life is so much fun when your kids have to just shake their heads over me instead of me doing it over them. 😇

      • If I get any younger I’ll have to retreat back to the womb, Orlando. If we really were only as old as we act there are days when I would still be sucking my thumb. Hmmm, maybe I should try that again. I’m already toothless again, unless of course, I dump them out of the cup they live in at night. 🙂

      • I like my dentist, but at this point would rather spend my money on something that won’t have to be redone in six months! (:-)

      • I have one of the last good ones in the world. At times I feel like he’s taking more time than necessary, but usually never have to go back for the same problem.

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