Don’t Stress Over Things

People who are happy are content with what they have and don’t spend too much time worrying and stressing over things they don’t.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Stress Over Things

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  2. I noticed a long time ago that I just don’t miss something I’ve never had. Do you, Orlando? I’ve never had shingles, and I sure don’t miss em a bit! Don’t miss that mansion with a thousand rooms to clean, cause I’ve never had it, and with my sense of direction, or lack thereof, I would probably be so lost it would take me a century to find my way out. Have a goodun’.

      • Right now I only crave potato chips and the occasional watermelon Orlando. Got a pretty good fix stored up today though at the market– stocked up for at least a month. Oh, forgot the cherry cokes. Good on those also. Shutting up now. I have to, my mouth is stuffed with chips. (:_)

      • Whaddya think I’m doing right now, Orlando? Just finished some watermelon, now chomping chips and drinking cherry coke. Good thing I lost that weight or my former problem with diabetes would be off the chart!

      • Had more this morning. Just eating to work off frustration with my laptop, ya know! Otherwise I would never eat another chip, no matter how good — hey, what am I saying here? I have to get to the grocery for another bag!

      • I haven’t seen the Fried Green tomato flavor here. I like fried green tomatoes, but not sure I want that in a chip. Taco though, is a different story, if they are not too hot! Love the sea salt and vinegar, but that one breaks my mouth out so bad it is painful for days after one chip. Working on the last of my barbeque chips tonight, with homemade vanilla ice cream. that combo makes me wonder what I would want if I were pregnant. YUCK!

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