Leave the Biggest Impact

We must strive for excellence while we can, in order to leave the biggest impact on this world!

12 thoughts on “Leave the Biggest Impact

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  2. I’ll have to give this one some thought, Orlando. Not sure I want to have impacted someone else’s life. That could be a serious thing, not always a good thing in my case lately. Not sure if my language skills are improving or deteriorating or just if I’ve lost all inhibitions, but letting go of it all now.

    • I’m sure you’ve already impacted a few lives Angie! Language? You should hear the words that come out of my father’s mouth. ha ha ha! I can’t write most of them here. although a few of the are in Spanish. ha ha ha

      • Somehow they always sound, um, better? in Spanish. You should hear some of them in German! Wonder why those are the only words I remember from my dad’s native language?

      • Only some of the people in Germany roll, Orlando, lol. That could be remedied by our following sensible diets, but most of us love to eat. At least I did before I started choking on everything I try to swallow. And any time I try to roll an “R” I end up spitting all over everyone in range!

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