Don’t Participate

You don’t have to participate in every argument you are invited to. You can politely reject the invitation.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Participate

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  2. That works for me Orlando. Of course when I’m the one who starts the argument it’s kinda hard to walk away as soon as it gets a good start. Just have a hairline trigger when it comes to shooting off my mouth and once those words are out there, it sure is hard trying to lasso them and pull them back in. Haven’t invented that one yet.

    • I always stop and ask myself if my words are going to matter in a few days. Once I think about it, I realize they won’t and I stay silent. I don’t have to win the argument to be right! 🙂

      • I try to remember to ask myself if my words will hurt the person they are aimed at, and if they will hear them. Emphasis on “hear them”. If there is a chance someone will be hurt I bite my tongue, if no one is here to listen, I let ’em fly.
        Have you seen the one on Pinterest that is about “you listen, but do you hear?” There is more to it, but I have that one hanging on my wall as a reminder to myself and hoping a certain person who stops listening after the first two words will recognize himself when he sees it. So far he hasn’t.

      • Too funny, Orlando. I’ve lost mine too, but still care a little bit. I HATE MY COMPUTER! Think I’ll just toss it down the garbage chute!

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