It’s Your Responsibility

You have to live with the decisions you make, so never allow someone to make decisions for you!It’s your life! It’s your responsibility to decide.

7 thoughts on “It’s Your Responsibility

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  2. Ah, shucks, Orlando. This sounds like I can’t tell anyone what to do any longer, and I was getting so good at it.
    As a former part of the carpet and perpetual wallpaper dweller, I must say that until a couple of years ago I bought into the theory that other people knew what was best for me, even though it never felt right for me. Then one day I took back my control. Mouths hung open, jaws dropped and one person told me they didn’t know I could speak before. Haven’t shut up since then, much to everyone’s chagrin!
    Have a Happy New Year, my friend!

    • Good for you Angie! Too often people try to control others to appease their own insecurities! Keep being you and you’ll be just fine! Happy New Year my friend!!

      • One hour and five minutes til midnight now and I have a feeling I am not going to make it without an infusion of caffeine. Probably going to dreamland any minute now, but at least that will keep me out of trouble. Four degrees and heading toward minus 12 by morning. And this is considered south? Upper South I think, with Yankee temperatures.

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