The Opinions Of Others

Never let the opinions of others consume you, live your life, and live it to the fullest!

8 thoughts on “The Opinions Of Others

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  2. No problem there, Orlando. The best way is to face the person you hear taking your name i vain as you pass by and ask what they need. Sends ’em sputtering every time. Then I calmly say, “next time please say it to my face”, depending of course on whether they are criticizing harshly about some rumor they heard that is based on nothing but rumor, or if they are actually saying something nice. Of course, I have occasionally started a rumor about myself just to see how fast it will spread. That is always fun, especially when I hear it repeated as fact within an hour!

      • It’s amazing what people will believe Orlando. Some of them are so wild I wonder while I’m telling them about it how on earth they can even begin to believe it, the best part is a day or so later when you hear it after a few people who never met you are reporting the story as first hand fact and truth. I thought I had led an incredible life for real but it pales compared to the rumors. It is just fun to do it.

      • Some people are just gullible and choose to believe what they want. It doesn’t matter if they know the truth or not! Rumors can be fun! LOL

      • The rumors are so much fun to start, and yes, there are people who spread them just for the strange kind of thrill they receive by adding their own judgments and extras to them. I’ve learned to laugh it off because the alternative would be to sit and sob, but that causes the bad wrinkles and I have enough of those to last another 5 lifetimes. I’ll stick with the laughter now.

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