Making Your Own Decisions

Life affords you the privilege of making your own decisions!Make sure you choose decision on what’s right for you!

8 thoughts on “Making Your Own Decisions

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  2. Sadly true, Orlando. At saner moments I know this. At regular moments it seems easier to blame the weather, the neighbors the postman, the baker and the candlestick maker. I don’t have a butcher or….nah! I would be afraid to blame someone who is so capable with a huge knife!

      • Since I’ve had to butcher a beef as well as some pigs in my time, and once with a dull knife because my sharp ones had been taken out to the barn, I have to agree about the butcher. I wouldn’t do that job for all the gold in Fort Knox, but then neither would they. Not much gold there any more if the rumors can be believed.

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