Learning To Trust

Learning to trust yourself can open doors to endless possibilities.

5 thoughts on “Learning To Trust

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  2. Hi Orlando! Didja miss me? I killed yet another computer, but hope my son can fix it. Right now I’m using a loaner that isn’t one of the best, but it works, so no complaining from me! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Now I forget what your prompt is and I’m too tired to go back up and look at it, so I guess I’ll just send this on and stretch out that irritating muscle that keeps pinching that irritating nerve that keeps irritating me to the point that I keep irritating the people around me to the point that they keep irritating **** Oh, well, see ya!

    • I sure did miss you Angie! How many computers have you killed already! You might be considered a serial killer now. LOL! It’s great hearing from you Angie and I hope you are well my friend!

      • Oh maybe 3 or 4? The Dell isn’t terminal though. My son took it to work and the IT there is working on it at home, one of his hobbies, and he says it will live. So, other than a pinched sciatic nerve which is nothing new, I’m good now, frequently frustrated, but good.

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