Listening More

Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to listen more and talk less!

6 thoughts on “Listening More

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  2. Ha Ha! I can fade into the wallpaper so effectively that when I move people jump in alarm, Orlando. Down in the laundry room last night with my newly recovered laundry card, money just added to replace what whoever had helped themself to, writing a note thanking him/her for at least returning the card and hoping they enjoyed using my money, and 2 other people came in the room. When I moved to tape note to the cash machine they jumped like they had been shot, said they didn’t even notice me! Can you imagine? I was sitting there in a big honking power chair, the room is beige with all those white laundry machines, my shirt bright RED! and they didn’t notice me? “you look, but do you see?” They spoke and I sure heard every word! Good thing for everyone in this building I don’t repeat the things I hear!

    • Ha ha ha! You must have scared the (beep) out of them! I can only imagine! I would usually hide somewhere and jump out, but you were in plain sight! They might have an issue with their eyesight! ha ha ha

      • One person maybe, but two of them? And one time and place it could happen but not as many times as it happens to me. Makes me wonder if I;m a ghost! Problem is that I have a soft voice and most folks can’t hear me speak, so I just don’t bother. That means I sit quietly in the middle of the crowd, reading, knitting or doing whatever I have going at the time and even wearing flaming red I’m the invisible woman! I love it! It also gives me enough blackmai –.oooh, no, didn’t just think that.

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