Eliminate the unnecessary things that keep you from moving forward! Simplicity can help you identify the essentials in order to eliminate the rest!

6 thoughts on “Eliminate

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  2. I’m working on that now, Orlando. I call it de-cluttering. That’s how I pinched my sciatic nerve — repetitive motion, but proving old dogs can actually learn new tricks, I now alternate my tasks. One thing, REST when I know I need it, then something completely different to work other muscles! I only have to injure myself a few dozen times to learn what most people learn the first time. Just a little bit stubborn, ya know! I does it MY way!

  3. Actually some of those unnecessary things are located in the middle of the floor when I de-clutter. Have to get them off the shelves but as soon as the shelves are empty is the time I usually injure myself! Life just ain’t fair sometimes!

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