Share A Kind Word

If you can’t share a kind word, then don’t speak!

4 thoughts on “Share A Kind Word

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  2. Oh, yeah! Today I really needed some kind words and the one person in the building I turned to let me down. Haven’t even heard an unkind one since she promised to come down to visit and didn’t show, but then phone calls from daughter, sister and brother more than made up for that! Just probably won’t expect anything from her again and won’t be disappointed by her ever again. that way won’t be cutting her off, just not expecting anything from her. Payback? Nah! Nobody deserves that. Now I have some stretching to do. Have a good night my friend.

    • Angie! Your wit and humor are reminiscent of a firecracker. I’ve been accused of lighting people up with a kind word or is it a sarcastic remark! Anyway. No soup for her! I mean no kind word for her! 😀

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