Something to Laugh

Remember there is always something to laugh about! I love people who have the capacity to make me laugh! A good laugh is always welcome!

9 thoughts on “Something to Laugh

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  2. I’m with you there, Orlando. It is imperative that I find something to laugh about every day, even when it’s at myself. I can’t seem to ever find anyone else doing crazy things that make me laugh at the ridiculous I keep finding myself in. But now my son is trying his best to follow in my footsteps and it’s not as funny when he does it. But isn’t it nice that I can amuse myself so easily? Have a good night.

      • I love to laugh also. Frowning causes horrible wrinkles and crying is even worse for wrinkles, plus it also causes headaches! I’m not crazy about headaches — the MS causes enough of them, so laughing is just the fun thing to do, especially since there is so much to laugh about around this place most of the time. All that silly gripe, gripe, gripe going on makes me laugh. Since it makes the person doing the griping a little bit angry that makes it twice as funny most of the time. There’s a subject for you Orlando. Griping! Doesn’t do any good at all and it’s almost always about something we have no control over like the weather! Now who would ever choose some of the weather we’ve had lately? But it doesn’t matter to the gripers, they will fuss about it anyway, like getting hot and bothered is going to make it change! There’s a laugh for you right there! Have a good !day

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