Just Sit In Silence

The great thing about sitting in silence is that it teaches you the value of words and how powerful they really are. Silence teaches you to speak only when it’s truly necessary. When you sit in silence you are able to get away from the noise and regain your thoughts. 

2 thoughts on “Just Sit In Silence

  1. Hi Orlando! I’m back just like a bad penny! Since I live alone most of my time is spent in silence, so I have started talking to myself, having such marvelous conversations. It’s so good to finally have intelligent conversations with me, because so many of the others I converse with are not able to converse well, misusing “I” and “me”, something that drives me completely up every wall in the building!
    Isn’t is great to hear from me again? The devil made me do this, plus the fact that I’m bored, just getting over a bad cold and unable to leave the place just yet. Also hungry. Not sure what I want to eat but after being down for so long I think I could eat the furniture! The chair I’m sitting in is looking pretty good right now. YUM!

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