Treat Others With Respect

There isn’t a norm for how we should live our lives! The norm should be people helping each other and making others feel important! How you make others feel speaks of your character and personality. How you treat others has a funny way of coming back to you. How you treat others tells all! Make sure you treat others with respect.

9 thoughts on “Treat Others With Respect

  1. Agreed, I can’t explain how much. I have lost complete respect for myself and I have become a doormat for loads of people to just walk over. I am truly a door mat personified. I let people say whatever they want and I just around listening to it.

      • That’s the problem I already have lost my sense of worth I don’t feel like I deserve anything that I get and I always fear if something good is happening something bad might happen. You its like I’m stuck inside a box and there is no way in or no way out.

      • Sadly I can’t let go and I’ve already lost my sense of hope. But I am and will try to pick up the pieces and move on. Thanks.

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