Get Rid of Them

If you want to become a happier person, you don’t need to add things to your life — you need to get rid of them. Sometimes we need to get rid of certain things in our lives in order to keep things in perspective!

A few items to help you declutter.

  1. Comparing yourself to others.

  2. Creating unrealistic expectations for yourself.

  3. Living in the past.

  4. Toxic people.

  5. The need to be in control.

  6. Relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

  7. Feeling sorry for yourself.

  8. Fear of failure.

  9. Holding on to grudges.

  10. Worrying what others think of you.

  11. Being jealous.

  12. Blaming others for your mistakes.

  13. A yearning to fit in.

  14. Overthinking life.

  15. Holding onto items you don’t need.

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