Give What You Want To Receive

You receive what you are willing to give!

You want respect? Give respect.

You want honesty? Give honesty.

You want love? Give love.

You want more? Give more.

You want peace? Offer peace.

You want more time? Give of your time.

You want opportunities? Give your skills and talents.

You want gratitude? Give gratitude.

You want change? Give your commitment.

You want inspiration? Give inspiration to others.

You want friendship? Give your friendship.

You want fulfillment? Give your passion.

You want empathy? Give empathy.

You want solutions? Give your problem-solving skills.

You want freedom? Give respect for others’ freedom.

You want joy? Give joy to others.

You want abundance? Give generosity.

You want loyalty? Give loyalty.

You want harmony? Give cooperation.

You want success? Give perseverance.

You want positivity? Give positive energy.

You want wisdom? Give your knowledge.

You want serenity? Give peace of mind.

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