Make You Laugh

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget your problems!make you laugh orlando espinosa

10 thoughts on “Make You Laugh

      • The loss of a parent is never easy. Now comes the time to reflect and reminisce. I’m sure your blog post will reflect that! It doesn’t matter how much older we get, we will always need our parents. My parents are celebrating 57 years of marriage this year and We make sure they know how blessed we are to still have them around! 😁 I’m sorry for your loss Miriam!

      • Thank you. I was truly blessed to have had such a wonderful remarkable woman as my mother. She inspired me to the very end. β™₯

      • That inspiration is what matters and it will serve as a reminder of how blessed you are! Blessed because she still lives in your thoughts and stories. Blessed because she shaped your existence! Her legacy will live on through your words and you’ll find comfort in knowing she raised you right. It’s great to know she was and will always be an inspiration!

      • Thank you for your beautiful words Orlando, they truly touched my heart. Yes, I know that mum will live on through me and my words and I only hope I can do her proud. Thanks again. β™₯

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